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Write exquisite and engaging content using Gamma without any formatting or design work


Gamma is a new media used to showcase creativity supported by AI. Start writing exquisite and engaging content without any formatting or design work.


  • Create exquisite content using one click templates and no code editing
  • Generate documents, slides, and web pages in seconds using an AI generator
  • Beautiful and brand friendly design with flexible templates
  • Live demonstration or sending web pages with nested cards and analysis
  • Embed concise, visual, and interactive content with GIFs, videos, charts, and websites
  • Attract users on any device through built-in analysis, quick response, and comments
  • Decompose the text wall into interactive cards of one size
  • Professional design with automatic brand alignment
  • Mixing images, videos, and interactive applications in adaptive cards
  • More intuitive than documents, more collaborative than slides, more interactive than videos

Use Cases:

  • Create an engaging presentation for the company’s general meeting
  • Share exquisite and adaptable content with potential customers
  • Convert document to interactive presentation
  • Decompose complex ideas into easily understandable and memorable content
  • Collaborate with team members on visual appeal and interactive content

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