AI writing tools


Generative AI tools for university applicants and students


ES.AI is a generative AI toolkit that provides students and young professionals with affordable, ethical, and high-quality writing tools</ The main features and advantages include:

  • Generative AI toolkit: providing affordable, ethical, and high-quality writing tools
  • Specially trained models: encouraging students to establish connections and explore their ideas more deeply
  • Helping you enter your dream university and surpass your dreams: can assist with university applications and other writing tasks
  • 20% discount for early adopters: providing special discounts for early adopters

The use cases of ES.AI involve various writing related activities

  • Assisting in university applications: can help students write engaging papers and stand out during the application process
  • Improving writing skills: It can encourage students to explore their ideas more deeply and improve their overall writing ability
  • Creating high-quality content: can help young professionals create high-quality content for their work or personal projects

ES.AI offers a special discount of 20% for early users and is a reliable solution recommended by various well-known sources.

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