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AI Lab explores new media to expand human imagination.


midjourney is an independent research laboratory dedicated to enhancing human imagination through artificial intelligence and design. The main features and advantages include:

  • Expert team: composed of experienced employees, consultants and researchers from various famous organizations.
  • Multidisciplinary emphasis: emphasize design, human infrastructure and artificial intelligence to explore new thinking media.
  • Creative projects: from realistic urban landscape to diversified combination of abstract art and virtual reality experience.

Midjourney’s use cases involve various creative fields:

  • Artists and designers who seek inspiration from AI-generated works
  • Researchers explore the intersection of artificial intelligence, design and human imagination.
  • Innovators who want to break through the possibilities of AI tools

Generally speaking, Midjourney provides a unique platform, which can use AI technology to create powerful and imaginative works, thus inspiring and attracting people.

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